1. Blog 2.0: Rise like a Phenix..

    "Don’t ask what the world needs - ask what makes you come alive and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive" - Howard Martin

    I’m back. And this time, I intend to use this page to give you more insight in the life of Tom Hugo -the Jack of all trades. Ok, I’ll promise that was the last time I write about myself in 3d person. My ego is not that big. To be honest, there’s a lot of things about me I’d like to improve, and If you’ll walk beside me on my journey through life (ooh..sounds like a line I could use in a boyband-song), you’ll see if I’ll succeed.

    Though I’ll share some of my personal thoughts and stories from my life, I’ll mainly use this blog to show you glimpses from the daily life of a modern singer & songwriter. I’ll take you with me when I fly across the globe to write songs for big popstars and when I run into a celebrety I happen to know. But in most of the posts, you’ll see me playing in front of a small audience or writing in a funky little studio somewhere around the corner. I’ll promise to make it as interesting as possible though, and hope to make it worth spending some minutes stopping by. One thing is certain, I’ll get better with every post, so bare with me in the beginning:)

    Thank you for reading!


  2. Radiotour Day 1

    1500 km in a WV Passat (nice one!) led me to 4 interviews the first day of my small radiotour. Starting out in Würtsburg after staying the night in the cosy gasthaus sum Löwen in Randersacker (where I bought 6 bottles of wine before we left), having a nice chat with the people at RadioGong! Then, we hit the road to make it to the next appointment, RPR1 in Ludwigshafen. Thanks for a nice chat, Thomas Schminke, and a cool live-session with the studio-guys. I was happy to finally have a try as a radio-host, recording different jingles like “You’re listening to RPR1, the BEST music etc”:-) Next, we said hello to the University-radio in Düsseldorf, before our last stop at CR1 in Bochum. Thank you so much for inviting me, all you radio-guys!

  3. Oh Joy! Could get used to waking up to this scenery:) In Rindersacker outside of Würtsburg, where I start my radio tour today.

    Oh Joy! Could get used to waking up to this scenery:) In Rindersacker outside of Würtsburg, where I start my radio tour today.

  4. German release!

    20th of April will my Sundry Tales finally be in German stores. The days to follow I’ll travel to different corners of this major country and visit radio-stations, where I’ll play acoustic and try to speak German.. Tune in to your favourite channel, and you’ll might have a laugh:)

  5. 28 days to Sundry Tales - Singing with calves!

    My father bought an old farm in the middle of the south-Norwegian woods a couple of years ago. The main building was built around 1850, but people had lived there for centuries. The farm had been in my extended family for ages, and when my father took over it was once again used as a place for leisure and relaxation. I’ve written some songs in the old house, and like the vibe at “Flanestad farm” very much. I think I even have befriended the ghost living in the attic, as there is a special peace about the place..

    Last year, my father brought in calves on the farm, and I paid them a visit to say hello and play them my new single. Here’s the result:




  6. One of my 12 concerts during my free-concert day in Kristiansand was in a recording-studio. Lucky for me, the nice & talented girls at Home Studios Kristiansand, recorded one of my performances. Sadly, my battery went flat so it’s only a snippet.. Hope you’ll like it anyway!


  7. 30 days to Sundry Tales

    Dear friends, fans & followers,

    30 days from now, my debut-album Sundry Tales hits the stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This is something I’ve been working hard for the last 5 years, and I’d like to share the excitement with all of you! Inspired by my mother’s great Christmas-calenders when I was a kid, I’m counting down to the release with a new post every second day. It might be a new video, a background-story about one of the songs, or a peak into the process of making the album. As with my Christmas calenders, there won’t be chocolate every day, but I’ll promise you some real sweet treats during the countdown:-) Hope you’ll like it!


    Tom Hugo

  8. First little dish of FeelGood!

    This weekend, I’ll post a link to the norwegian version of my “Tom Hugo’s little guide to FeelGood”. The small e-folder contains a couple of favourite recipes as well as a guide to some simple NLP-techniques I use to pick me up on rainy days. Here’s a recipe to a nice norwegian tapa:

    Lefserull w/ smoked salmon and sweet basil

    I’ve made a twist to the traditional Norwegian Tapa ”Lefserull”, which best can be described as a rolled up tortilla made of potatoes. Potatoe-tortillas might be difficult to find outside of norway, but a traditional wheat-tortilla can be used as a substitute.

    (serve 4-6 people as a starter, or as a snack)

    1 pk of  Lefse (4 lefse) in rectangular shape

    200 g of Norwegian smoked salmon

    1 pk (around 150 g) cream cheeze.

    (Preferrably ”Snøfrisk”, Norwegian goat cream cheeze)

    ½ red onion

    half handfull of sweet basil leafs, chopped

    fresh grounded pepper

    Ruccola-salad , pine-seeds and balsamico for presenting

    Spread the cheeze on the wrap, sprinkle a bit of pepper on. Spread ¼ th of the sliced salmon evenly starting from the bottom of the longside, up until ab. 5 cm from the top. Sprinkle chopped onion and basil on top, and roll from the bottom up until the top. Roll the lefserolls in cling-film or papir, and put in the freezer for 10-15 min. Cut the rolls in 3 cm thick pieces. Put some ruccola on serving plates, sprinkle some roasted pine seeds and balsamico on top and place the lefseroll-pieces on top.

    In the glass: A crisp white wine, f.i a Sauvingon Blanc/ Weisser Burgunder

  9. First leg of promo-week in Norway, a nice little chat with Janne Aateigen @ NRK Sørlandet:-)

    First leg of promo-week in Norway, a nice little chat with Janne Aateigen @ NRK Sørlandet:-)

  10. There is always a way..

    After writing a lot of songs, recording too many of them (some even in different versions), and wiggling back an forth on which to be on my first album; my “Sundry Tales” is ready for release. It’s been 25 summers since I first proclaimed that I was to become a recording artist, and took me 5 years making the album, so it’ll be a big day seeing it in stores. I’m very happy about the result, and hope some of you will like it too!

    As I still haven’t figured out how to be in two places at the same time (nor have a private jet), my album won’t be released the same date worldwide. First stop on my quest to bring feelgood-music to the people is my home-country Norway, where the album will be in stores 13th of January. Since I’ve been living part-time in Hamburg the last 4 years, the next stop on my journey will be my second home-country Germany (Switzerland/Austria will also have my Sundry Tales available). The small (but strong)Tom Hugo-team is working hard to set release-dates all over the world, and dates will be added accordingly.

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